The simplicity, purity and light painting characterize Honorio Morales. Also a freshness of youth. And these young fruit, a touch of irony. We feel it throbbing, we do not know how or where, but present. You have good taste; owns a range undeniable refinement. What more can you say against which we wish to regard as his first personal exhibition? Solve your pictures from grievances can not preset, leaving his imagination free play. And going forward.

(The catalog of the exhibition in Gallery Veneto - Buenos Aires - October 1964.)



Honorio Morales was born in La Plata in 1933. . He studied at the School of Fine Arts, University of La Plata. He moved to Buenos Aires. For three years in succession resides in France and the United States.
In his paintings using geometric shapes sensitized by a slight mobility of the contours, primarily for the action of color, pure, clear and noticeably toned.
Each table is the opposition of various plastic items linked by a formal language consistent color. In his later works also avoids the normal table to find a color action attached to a spatial structure.



The development of Honorio Morales is a remarkably significant example of the preoccupation with spatial integration that dominates the evolving-sector of "the post-painterly abstraction". It was in the company of Clement Greenberg, in Buenos Aires in 1964, that I meet Morales for the first time. His painting was then linked to the classic spirit of geometry, manifesting a very intellectual vision of space, underlined by the cutting out of color planes.
The actual transition to "shaped canvas" in the argentine artist's work shows simultaneously a retrospective record and an open perspective. The record of a past experience: the limits of pure dialectical opposition between form and color. The open perspective: a new fact, a colored shape freed in space, existing in itself as a whole. This structural innovation constitutes the main contribution of the young American generation to the renewal of the optic art, or if you wish, to the modern tradition of a vision purely retinal. In this sense there is no doubt that New York, were he has been living for a year, has provided for Morales the necessary accelerating catalyst.

(In the exhibition catalog in Bertha Schaefer Gallery - New York)

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